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2022 Travel Lovers Gift Guide

Hello there intrepid travelers, travel dreamers, and wanderlust inspired crew! I've put together a 2022 Travel Lovers Gift Guide full of a variety of gear, tools, accessories, and just joyous things to partake in from home that may be right up the alley of the travel lovers in your life!

The TLDR version can be found via an Amazon "Wishlist" here - NOTE - there is deliberately no shipping address associated with this wishlist to help make sure it doesn't show up on my doorstep instead of yours. None of these are affiliate links or anything of the like, these are just things I value and want to share with the world!

All of the items on this list are either the exact ones I use or have used in my own travels or they come with high praise from people in my personal travel circles. In this blog post I'm going to highlight *some* of them - definitely drop me a line in the comments though if you want to know more about any of the items on this list though! I'm happy to share feedback, pros, cons, and all the things in between!

Diabetic Specific I'm a really big fan of ExpressionMed and Skin Grip brands for adhesive patches. These two companies have been my go-to for travel, event, and dance performance needs. Those times where I really want to remove the worry of my CGM coming loose because of things like sweat, dirt, or water. You'll find products from both makers on this list. ExpressionMed offers "pretty" versions that include some really lovely art so I tend to use them when I want to accent my CGM for special events. ExpressionMed adhesives are apes are hypoallergenic and do not use natural tree saps, resins or rubbers. Skin Grip focuses more on being a combination of waterproof and sweat-proof and in my experiences holds up far better to outdoor activities or lots of time in water. Skin Grip is made from 100% medical-grade rayon that is latex-free, zinc oxide-free, and hypoallergenic. Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

These are some treats that are particularly useful when traveling long distances in mostly small spaces that chances are good you may be sharing space with strangers! I *LOVE* my PGI Soft Travel Blanket. It's lightweight and still super cozy. I love that it folds down and can also be a cozy lil pillow in a pinch! I'm also a huge hoodie fan so that MasterManner travel blanket hoodie is another that I love. Again with the it folds down and packs in on itself, comes with a way to secure it to another piece of luggage, and at least at the time of this writing has an available 5% off coupon to further reduce the price. The Nefeeko Collapsible Water bottle is one of my newest loves. BPA Free, wide enough mouth to make cleaning it pretty easy, and of course that carabiner makes it easy to attach it to a backpack or bag strap for even greater ease during travel! Those bit by the travel bug are well served to own their own digital portable luggage scale at home! Quick and easy checks that save those awkward moments after hearing you will either be charged more to check your bags OR that you need to repack right there in the airport to get one bag back under that weight limit. My Etekcity one has seen some use and I have zero regrets for owning this bad boy.

Now this next noteworthy mention is one that is actually ON my own wish list - the Travel Cup holder that attaches to your suitcase handles. I've seen several versions of these out in the wild throughout my travels in 2021 and have determined they seem like a super useful purchase. RFID blocking sleeves are an increasingly wise move for travelers and just people in general. Airports, gas stations, rail stations, car rental spots... all places where in general the goal is to get in, get what needs to be done done, and get out. Spots that see hundreds if not thousands of people come through EVERY day. A lil protection for your credit and debit cards is definitely a solid move!

Last one to mention here is the Physical Therapy Lacrosse Ball set. I *always* travel with at least one ball (cue giggles here). I routinely roll out my shoulders, the soles of my feet, my hips, my hands... and beyond. Travel tends to involve sitting in one "spot" for hours on end and chances are good it's not even the "usual" spots. These myofascial release balls can make a world of difference in helping my body stay ready to go and excited about the adventures I take it on! The At Home Gifts for Travel Bugs

These items are the ones that can be hints or prequels to adventures, remind one of spots visited to, or just nods at dream destinations!

Nixplay 10.1in. Smart Digital Photo Frame - I LOVE these. I've gifted them to my parents and several grandparents at this point. It's super convenient to upload travel photos either while I'm on trips or shortly after... and it just appears on the photo frames states away! So fun and really great for sharing adventures with loved ones farther away. They can of course also run their own photo displays. According to all of my family members with them the Nixplay frames are user friendly to boot!

"Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World's Most Amazing Places" is a beautiful hardcover book put together by National Geographic - this stunning book is pure fuel for the adventurous, the dreamers, the go-gettters, and the homebodies alike in your life.

Global Grub DOY kits are another of my favorite kinds of gifts - Experiences! I love gifts that get me moving, thinking, or do-ing. These kits are great at-home opportunities to do an activity and then devour your work!

The Amazon list has lots of other options so be sure to go give it a gander! Feel encouraged and empowered to leave comments here, DM me on Instagram or Facebook, or send me an email if you have any questions, concerns, or just want some honest reviews of products that could potentially be amazing or heartbreaking gifts for the travelers in your life! Here's that link to the Amazon wishlist one more time: Click HERE!

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