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Pack Smarter On Your Next Trip

Are you getting ready for summer vacation? Preparing to go celebrate a wedding, graduation, or maybe a family reunion? Wondering what tips and tricks travel professionals use to get their packing down and avoid paying extra fees? Read on for some super simple pro packing techniques! 1. Secure the bag(gage)

Pick up a cute set of packing cubes and master the art of packing smart! Not only will they help you stay organized on the go (hello no more hunting for your socks or underwear that you absolutely know you packed), but these days they come in pretty prints, wild styles, and super fabulous colors.

Bonus pro tip: get each member of your household their own unique set and cut down on disagreements about what belongs to who!

2. Always throw in any extra easy packable layer!

No matter what type of transportation you've committed to or where your final destination is, there's a 100% chance you'll be chilly at some point. Airports or airplanes that are blasting that cold air are a frequent culprit in the travel chill. Cozy up with easy to pack layers like cardigans, scarfs, shawls, or easy to condense down beanies and be ready for whatever temperatures cross your path in your travels. Bonus pro tip: Before you leave do one last check on the weather at your final destination. There's nothing worse than being tired and possibly cranky after a day of travel and either overheating or finding yourself super chilly after you get there!

3. Never forget your shades

Whether you are crossing county lines, state lines, or boarders chances are good the weather is going to shift. Many of us on our travels also spend more time out and about than we do in our regularly scheduled activities. Be sure you've got a pair of sunglasses with you to ease that transition into the bright beautiful world abroad!

4. Wrinkle proof your choice

Consider these fabrics the next time you are shopping or packing for a trip: polyester, denim, wool, knits, spandex, and lyocell. Avoid 100% linen or linen-cotton blends, which are more wrinkle-prone. This way no matter what time you land or where you might be you've minimized that super creased "I'm a tourist" look that can happen with more fragile fabrics.

5. Buy solid toiletries

Hear me out on this one - liquids are not only a hassle with TSA but they take up the most space and they always run the risk of being a spill hazard (in your luggage and as you unpack). Opt for things like solid shampoo bars and soaps instead. You can buy solid perfume, makeup remover, bug balm, sunscreen, and even toothpaste tabs. If you are carrying liquids, try placing plastic wrap under the caps to minimize leaks.

6. If you're flying maximize the potential of your "Personal Item"

You’re allowed a carry-on bag and a personal item on most economy flights, and many airlines now offer a pared-back basic economy fare that only lets you bring a small personal item. Make that personal item a roomy backpack or duffel bag to maximize your space. Pack all your flight essentials in that bag, from travel headphones to compression socks to sleep masks and even sanitizing wipes so you can wipe down your seat, tray table, and window if need be.

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and travel stories adventure fam!

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Tom Schinobi
Tom Schinobi
21 abr 2023

When I travel I only ever use a backpack 🎒 with minimal clothing, one pair of BDU pants, one new pack of Costco socks and a couple large bags of costco snacks (Seasoned almonds/Jerky/etc.). Once on the ground at my destination I get my communications up by finding a local SIM card and purchase toiletries. As I travel throughout the week I burn through my snack food supply I also throw out my 'New' Costco socks thereby creating space in my backpack for nonsense I may want to bring home. If i need clean clothes I just go shopping through local thrift stores in whatever country i'm in thereby acquiring fun clothes with a story to tell from my journ…

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